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Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

Digestive Health Institute to become your trusted one-stop shop, providing you with everything you need to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We live by this philosophy and offer world-class services with our weight loss center in Mumbai, expert information and unmatched support to help you do the same

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

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Weight Loss Surgical Service


Bariatric surgery is the collective term for all types of weight-loss surgery. At Digestive Health Institute, we perform all primary and redo bariatric procedures through Laparoscopic & Robotic methods

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General Surgical Service


Our surgical team treats gastrointestinal issues like Hernia, Gall Bladder Stones, Liver Cysts etc. through Laparoscopic& Robotic methods

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Oncology Surgical Service


At Digestive Health Institute, we deal with diagnosis and treatment of stomach, pancreatic & other GI cancers through Laparoscopic & Robotic methods.

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Since our inception in 2004, we have helped thousands of patients
return to a normal life by using cutting-edge technology and holistic care

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