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Bariatric Revision Surgery in Mumbai (Laparoscopic & Robotic)

Definition / What is this procedure?

Revisional surgery is a secondary surgery done to either enhance the weight loss for morbidly obese patients or correct the primary procedure. Revisional surgery is mostly either Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass from a Gastric Sleeve.

Main features of Surgery

As a second stage procedure, you see more effective results in terms of weight loss. Also, the weight loss surgery will be customized based on the primary surgery done. If it is a corrective procedure, then, the surgeon will decide which secondary surgery is the ideal for the candidate.

Who is it recommended for? (Ideal Candidate)

Revisional surgery is recommended primarily for those who are undergoing a two-step surgical procedure due to their morbid obesity. It is also recommended for people who have regained weight after their primary surgery. For such cases, it’s more of a correction of primary surgery. Digestive Health Insititute has the highest number of successful revisional cases performed in India.

Dietary requirements

Every patient undergoing a bariatric surgery at Digestive Health Institute has to follow a 7-day liquid diet routine before the surgery. Liquid diets are prescribed by the bariatric nutritionists in Mumbai and can also be provided to you from the SoulFuel Cafe at the DHI centre. Post-surgery, we take complete care of you through our Win-Life Club sessions. The WL Club is a group session, which our bariatric nutritionists conduct. They educate each and every patient, at a specified time period post surgery, on how to take care and get the best results out of your weight loss surgery. Every patient has to follow a transitional diet process which spans from a liquid diet to a semi-solid diet to a complete solid diet over a span of 30 days post surgery.

Advantages of the surgery

- Minimal Scars
- Quicker Recovery Time
- Additional Weight-Loss to get rid of morbid obesity

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