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SoulFuel Fitness

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About SoulFuel Fitness

Typically, a fitness centre is a space that is dedicated for the purpose of physical exercise and may also include sports facilities. Though one can certainly follow a regular workout routine at home, fitness centres serve as a good motivating factor to reach your fitness goals. Alternatively, they also provide an opportunity to work with a wide range of fitness equipment under the guidance and supervision of experienced trainers and experts.
The state-of-the-art fitness centre is meticulously designed based on the shared philosophy of health and fitness. A dedicated team of certified trainers and medical experts have joined hands to design innovative fitness programs to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Emphasizing on individual needs, the fitness centre also offers personalized training programs with myriad world-class fitness equipment.

The link between physical fitness and excellent health

A regular exercise regime is key to living a healthy life. Individuals who enjoy regular physical activity even with several risk conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. have a lower death rate when compared to people with no risk factors and no physical activity. This is because physical fitness helps in alleviating the symptoms of such chronic diseases. Alternatively, following a consistent fitness regime will help you manage your weight, feel more relaxed and energized and promote better bone health besides reducing the risks of life-threatening body conditions. Regular exercise also improves sleep patterns, enhances metabolism and properly manages the chemical reactions in the brain, such as the release of endorphins, serotonin, stress hormones, etc. All these parameters contribute to achieving sound health and embracing positivity in your lifestyle. To start with, you can indulge in moderate-intensity exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Gradually you can build up on time and intensity, depending upon your requirement and determination.

What is the medically supervised fitness program?

Most individuals refrain from signing up for a fitness program because of their health conditions. Unaware of the fact that a regular fitness regime will only improve their condition, they lack the confidence to do something without seeking medical advice. Medically-supervised fitness programs are specifically curated to meet the needs of such individuals. Based on their specific health conditions, a customized fitness program is designed for them. And individuals must follow the program under the guidance and supervision of medical experts. This program is outlined along with the medical care plan of the individual. A medically-supervised fitness program benefits people suffering from pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, or other chronic health conditions by enhancing their physical activity and their overall lifestyle.
An individual who is a part of the medically-supervised fitness program will be constantly monitored and assessed by a team of healthcare experts throughout the exercise program to maintain an effective and safe progression of physical activity. This will determine whether the fitness regime helps in meeting the health goals of the individual.

Type of exercises for fitness

There are numerous fitness exercises that can help you lose weight and stay in shape. But categorizing them will help you understand the importance and effect of each type of exercise and assist you in balancing out your workout schedule.

- Aerobic workouts Also known as cardiovascular training, such workouts increase your heart rate and make you breathe deeply for an extended time period. This type of exercise improves your metabolism and boosts your calorie burning engine. Therefore, it helps you move faster toward your weight loss goal.

- Strength workouts This type of workout helps in building your muscle tissues which facilitate efficient body movements. Building muscles increase the amount of lean tissue in your body. And a body with an increased lean muscle mass has the capacity to burn more calories even when it’s in a state of rest. This eventually contributes towards achieving the ideal weight.

- Type of exercises for fitness There are numerous fitness exercises that can help you lose weight and stay in shape. But categorizing them will help you understand the importance and effect of each type of exercise and assist you in balancing out your workout schedule.

- Flexibility workouts This is as simple as stretching. It is the simplest form of physical activity which can be done almost anywhere and within a small time period. Though not directly related to weight loss, this type of exercise boosts specific parameters which in turn will help you reduce weight. Proper stretching helps your body maintain a good range of movements and loosen your muscles. As a result, you can move around more efficiently and flexibly without any muscle imbalances.

Benefits of SoulFuel Fitness

SoulFuel Fitness is for those who consciously steer away from enrolling themselves into a gym. Well-equipped with the latest workout machines and a team of experts, the fitness centre fosters a comprehensive fitness strategy to meet your weight loss goals. One of the benefits of working out at SoulFuel Fitness is that you can avail personalized training from various expert trainers. As equipment form an integral part of any workout regime, SoulFuel Fitness has installed unconventional machines, such as the curved treadmill which adjusts to your movements, unlike the electric treadmill. It helps in rectifying your posture, increasing your stamina and preventing any injuries to your back and knees. SoulFuel Fitness is not here to render a standardized fitness program to all its members. Instead, it views each member as an individual and factors in their specific health needs to curate a unique fitness regime for them.

Membership packages and how to book

SoulFuel Fitness offers several membership packages spread over a duration of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. However, to keep your health and fitness goals aligned, individuals must follow the medically-supervised protocol to get a membership at SoulFuel Fitness. This protocol is shared during your first consultation with the nutrition team.