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Dr. Muffi    19/1/2019   |   Saturday

People who fail in losing weight through diet, medications and exercises find their best weight loss solution in surgical alternatives. There are several patients who have witnessed significant improvement in their health following weight loss surgery. But, to ensure a long-term healthy lifestyle, you must follow all the instructions given by your surgeon. When your bariatric doctor tells you that you will have a restricted stomach post the obesity surgery, he/ she isn’t exaggerating it in the slightest. Your stomach can hold only a small fraction of the amount of liquid and food it held previously, prior to the surgery. While you may be extremely delighted at the thought of consuming lesser food to meet your weight loss goals, the situation isn’t ideal for hydration required by your body.

Water is a vital component for your sustenance. It contributes to eliminating the waste in your body and hydrating your hair, skin and the body cells. Irrespective of any weight loss procedure, consistent intake of water is one of the most crucial factors to avoid any serious repercussions. Most bariatric patients prioritize the type of solids that they should consume after the surgery and neglect the intake of liquids. Which is why dehydration is one of the most common reasons patients have hospital stays post their weight-loss surgery. While your hydration goal should be to consume 6-8 cups of fluids every day, it may seem difficult to achieve this limit at first, especially due to a reduced stomach size. You should follow a disciplined approach when it comes to staying hydrated after the surgery. Below are a few tips that will help you prevent dehydration episodes by maintaining an adequate level of fluid in your body:

Start carrying a water bottle: Immediately after the procedure, it will be difficult to down large volumes of water. Which is why you should fulfill your hydration requirement by sipping small amounts of water throughout the day. Carrying a water bottle with you will visually remind you of consuming water and meeting your hydration goal.

Add natural flavors: Consciously drinking water throughout the day in smaller amounts can get tedious. So, to tantalize your taste buds you should add some natural flavors to the water in the form of lemon, orange, mint or even cucumber. This will help you steer away from the monotony of consuming a tasteless drink in regular intervals.

Track your water consumption: Technology has made life simpler in many ways. One such way is by helping you keep a track of your water consumption through an app. There are several apps that remind users to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. All you must do is enter the amount of water you wish to consume during the day, and the app will send you reminder notifications to drink water. The app will help you monitor your consumption progress and make necessary changes if required.

Drinking enough water on a regular basis is a lifelong commitment after bariatric surgery. All weight loss doctors in Mumbai and elsewhere signify the importance of staying hydrated to facilitate speedy recovery and to ensure overall wellbeing in the long run.


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