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Stomach Cancers Treatment & Diagnosis

Stomach Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis

What kind of surgeries are offered at Dr. Muffi Digestive Health Institute to treat stomach cancers?

We perform all procedures that may be required for treatment of various stomach cancers; our services Include endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic procedures like wide local excision and partial and total gastrectomy.

Who is it recommended for?

Endoscopic surgery is recommended for patients with stomach polyps while gastrectomy is the surgery done in case of stomach cancer. For tumours such as stromal tumours, your surgeon may recommend a wide local excision.

What are the advantages of doing laparoscopic over open surgery?

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery are that the surgical cuts are much smaller and there is less handling of the organs during surgery. This means that you experience less pain and are able to move around quicker and more easily. All of this leads to quicker recovery.

What are the advantages of doing robotic over laparoscopic surgery?

-More precision

-More minimal scars

-Faster recovery than laparoscopic procedure

Stomach Gastric Surgery

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