SoulFuel Hydrotherapy

What Is Hydrotherapy? What Is A SmartPool?

The use of water as therapy is an age-old practice, known for restoring, maintaining and regulating one’s health. Hydrotherapy uses water to relieve pain, treat injuries and promote well-being. Such water treatments include saunas, hot and cold compresses, hot air and steam baths, water massages, water exercises, ice pack treatments, mineral springs, etc. A combination of these treatments draws upon the healing properties of water to relieve pain and discomfort. Hydrotherapy makes use of the body’s reaction to cold and hot stimuli to enhance the circulation of blood and to increase endorphins. While cold water is used to stimulate and revitalize, hot water is used to soothe and calm the body. Alternatively, this water-based naturopathy treatment also reduces stress and improves sleep.

Giving you the opportunity to leverage the positive effects of aquatic therapy, SoulFuel brings to you Mumbai’s first SmartPool. The hi-tech hydrotherapy and water yoga facility is built with the patented technology of Laminar Aqua Propulsion System (LAPS), which produces river-like currents. SoulFuel aims to use its water cure centre to recover power, speed and agility, to shape your body, to improve posture and body alignment, to bring about stability, to enhance neurological stimulation, to ease ambulation, to condense muscle pain and spasms, to reduce pain and discomfort in the joints, and to improve overall muscle strength.

Hydrotherapy for weight loss

For ages, water therapy has been regarded as the most cost-effective and natural technique to lose weight. While most people find it difficult to engage in physical activities because of their busy schedule and lifestyle, obese individuals find it even more challenging due to their excessive weight and low stamina. In fact, obesity causes them to become vulnerable to several chronic diseases, including excruciating pain in the hip, knee or back. It is an arduous task for obese individuals to take brisk walks or jog suddenly because of the bone and muscle pain and because it has a drastic impact on their heart rate.

Hydrotherapy as a physical activity works exceptionally for obesity patients. It enhances their mental and physical health without the risk of any painful experience or injuries. Hydrotherapy helps obese individuals burn more fat in less time, decreases their pain, reduces inflammations, and increases their strength and mobility in comparison to land exercises. The weightlessness that one experiences from movement made while in water is what makes hydrotherapy the perfect workout for obese individuals.

Types of Water Exercises

People who experience flexibility issues due to obesity use hydrotherapy to engage in physical activities that initiates the process of weight loss. To warm up or cool down, individuals can walk up and down the SmartPool, gently pushing against water resistance for about 3 minutes to prepare their muscles for the main workout session which includes:

- High knees : As a part of this exercise you should lift your right knee up in front of you as high as you can within the pool without causing much pain. Thereafter, you should lower it back to the ground and repeat the same process with your left leg. You should continue this for at least 30 seconds.

- Floating kicks : Here you should let your legs float up behind you as you hold onto the edge of the pool. You should be positioned horizontally on the water surface and then strongly paddle your legs to keep you afloat.

- Punch it out : This exercise involves immersing yourself in water up to your shoulders such that your knees are bent slightly but not more than 90 degrees. Alternate between your left and right hand, make a fist and punch hard straight in front of you.

Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the best solution for obese individuals to participate in physical activities when they are uncomfortable doing exercises on land. Being in water lightens their body weight and helps them enhance their range of movements. Some of the benefits of hydrotherapy for obesity patients are:

- Water resistance helps in increasing joint mobility and muscle strength.

- It makes the exercise regime less painful by reducing the musculoskeletal stress and pressure.

- As obese individuals are more prone to workout injuries, aquatic exercises serve as the best workout alternative because it has a low impact and improves muscle balance.

- Underwater running helps burn more calories in comparison to running on land. Therefore, patients get a time-efficient workout with even better results.

- Obese individuals may sometimes lose the ability to move certain body parts due to excessive weight. But aquatic therapy helps them energize their muscles and tissues over a period and helps them regain muscle strength eventually.

- Hydrotherapy works wonders in reducing joint inflammation.

- Hydrotherapy will also help in bringing stability to your body and build stamina.

- Hydrotherapy is also used to treat people with neurological conditions like stroke, hemiparesis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s’ disease etc. It helps neuro patients by reducing muscle spasms and improves strength of muscles, balance and co-ordination.

- Hydrotherapy is also widely used in Orthopaedic cases like Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sports injuries, spine problems, degenerative disc diseases (DDD) etc. It’s also very helpful in rehabilitating patients after surgeries like TKR (Total Knee Replacement), THR (Total Hip Replacement), Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Surgeries, ACL Reconstruction, Spinal Decompression surgeries etc.