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By Dr. Muffi

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How poor sleeping habits initiate weight gain ..

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, counting the number of hours you sleep in a day is as important as keeping a check on your calories. In fact, not getting enough shut-eye can affect your health and waistline adversely. Staying awake all night worrying about weight gain isn’t going to help you shed the extra pounds. Instead, in doing so you may be joining hands with your foe. Several researches have concluded that poor sleeping habits are one of the most important causes of weight gai ... Read more

How to follow a healthy diet within a wallet-friendly budge ..

The increasing risk of serious health conditions is convincing a growing number of people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But individuals who want to make healthier food choices often face the cost challenge. With food prices rising constantly, especially for premium and organic foods, many people find it a strain on their monthly budgets to invest in eating healthy on a regular basis. Cold-pressed juices, superfood powders, and other foods that boast of high-nutritional ingredients can be way ... Read more

Is intermittent fasting good for weight loss? ..

Fasting is a customary ritual that has been around for centuries. While some people consider it as a means of cleansing their body of toxins, others see it as a spiritual practice. But does fasting have the potential to accelerate weight loss? Generally, among the various weight loss solutions available, fasting is the least preferred. In fact, many people are of the view that fasting for weight loss can even ... Read more

The importance of staying hydrated after bariatric surgery ..

People who fail in losing weight through diet, medications and exercises find their best weight loss solution in surgical alternatives. There are several patients who have witnessed significant improvement in their health following weight loss surgery. But, to ensure a long-term healthy lifestyle, you must follow all the instructions given by your surgeon. When your bariatric doctor tells you that you will have a restricted stomach post the obesity surgery, he/ she isn’t exaggerating it in t ... Read more

Diet or exercise: How to get into the perfect shape? ..

People are impatient when it comes to slimming down, isn’t it? Be it following rigorous crash diets or spending hours at the gym sweating out your calories, you will do almost anything to get into shape. But following a weight loss plan is not just a physiological process. It takes strong determination, courage, and support to be able to adhere to the various restrictions and to overcome the numerous challenges that come along the way. Though the simplest mantra for weight loss is, ‘eat less ... Read more

10 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery ..

With the increasing rates of obesity around the globe, this medical condition has become an epidemic now, and bariatric surgery poses as the best solution to combat obesity. However, we cannot generalize a weight loss surgery to all obese patients because the physiological conditions of everyone differ. Being a surgical intervention to overcome obesity, there are several misconceptions that revolve around obesity surgery. But not everything you hear is true. In an attempt to separate fact fr ... Read more