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Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Surgery In Mumbai

Definition / What is this procedure?

This is an endoscopic method of promoting weight loss. A silicon balloon is placed next to the stomach and inflated. For a period of 6 months or a year, the patient is kept on a customised diet planned by our nutritionists. After this period, the balloon is removed through endoscopy. The patient is motivated to maintain his or her new level of fitness through a healthy lifestyle. This weight loss procedure is scarless and is effective for a person who is 10-15 kgs overweight. It is a one-day procedure and the patient can actually go home within two hours.

Main features of Surgery

It is done endoscopically which means there is no surgical intervention. The balloon can also be removed at any time if the patient feels uncomfortable.

The 1 year balloon can be adjusted endoscopically, periodically.

New balloons can be swallowed & need no endoscopy for removal are available as well.

Who is it recommended for? (Ideal Candidate)

It is ideal for those who are slightly overweight with a BMI of 27-30. A weight loss of around 10-15 kgs can be achieved if instructions are followed to the tee.

Dietary requirements

Every patient undergoing a weight loss procedure in Mumbai at Digestive Health Institute has to follow a 7-day liquid diet routine before the surgery. Liquid diets are prescribed by the bariatric nutritionists and can also be provided to you from the SoulFuel Cafe at the DHI centre.

Post-surgery, we take complete care of you through our Win-Life Club sessions. The WL Club is a group session, which our bariatric nutritionists conduct. They educate each and every patient, at a specified time period post surgery, on how to take care and get the best results out of your weight loss treatment in Mumbai. Every patient has to follow a transitional diet process which spans from a liquid diet to a semi-solid diet to a complete solid diet over a span of 30 days post surgery.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Surgery In Mumbai offers a minimally invasive approach to weight loss, helping you achieve your goals with professional care and support at Digestive Health Institute.

Advantages of the surgery

- Completely non-invasive as done endoscopically

- No scars

- Quick recovery time

- Under complete anesthesia for a painless procedure

- Reversible procedure

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