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SoulFuel Studio

SoulFuel Studio

Being the leaders in the surgical weight management category, Dr. Lakdawala has a vision to share his and his team’s expertise for a non-invasive lifestyle approach. Thus, the SoulFuel Studio was born! SoulFuel Studio covers Integrative Sustenance Programs which are an experience of its own. Our centre covers every aspect from physical to emotional to personal. From a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre to Mumbai's first SmartPool to dedicated Physiotherapy & Transformational Coaching to zero sugar nutritional supplements and to a specialized SoulFuel Cafe, we have encapsulated the entire space for your well-being! Our SoulFuel services include:

SoulFuel Nutrition Support:

Our daily routine lifestyle and eating habits defines our health. They are also the guiding principles behind our nutrition and diet plans to followed by us to improve our health. Medically proven, customized to your needs and sustainable, our approach offers the way to health and fitness, through nutrition.

The SoulFuel Nutrition Support Program includes :-

- Gut Health Program

- e-Diets

- Customized Diet Plans

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SoulFuel Fitness:

SoulFuel brings to you it’s very first state-of-the-art fitness centre. It is meticulously designed based on the philosophy of health and fitness. A dedicated team of certified trainers and medical experts have joined hands to design innovative fitness programs to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. SoulFuel Fitness program includes following programs:

- Functional Personal Training Program

- Skype Fitness Sessions Program

- Posture Alignment Practice

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SoulFuel Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a holistic treatment, which encompasses rehabilitation, fitness, health promotion and injury prevention. This approach involves assessing the individual’s lifestyle and accordingly engaging them in specific physical treatments. Focused on the science of movement, physiotherapy aims at restoring, maintaining and maximizing the physical strength, motion, function, and overall well-being of individuals. From exercise therapy to kinesio taping to electrical nerve stimulation and more, our expert team of physiotherapists have a variety of solutions for your physical issues.

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SoulFuel Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy uses water to relieve pain, treat injuries, aid weight-loss and promote well-being. A combination of these treatments draws upon the healing properties of water to relieve pain and discomfort. Hydrotherapy makes use of the body’s reaction to cold and hot stimuli to enhance the circulation of blood and to increase endorphins. SoulFuel Hydrotherapy brings to you Mumbai’s first SmartPool. The hi-tech hydrotherapy and water yoga facility is built with the patented technology of Laminar Aqua Propulsion System (LAPS), which produces river-like currents, and helps burn more calories in less time as compared to a normal gym.

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SoulFuel Cafe

SoulFuel Cafe brings in a variety of healthy food and snacks. The café provides healthy and tasty food which is calorie-counted, 100% fresh, 100% natural and approved by the SoulFuel Nutrition team. Our chef also specializes in customizing your healthy food. Our SoulFuel Cafe also helps provide meals for SoulFuel Nutrition Support plans. From Healthy pods to stevia-based tea & coffee to zero sugar curds and much more, our SoulFuel Café will make sure you get your daily dose of nutrition along with great taste.

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SoulFuel Lymphatic Detox

SoulFuel Lymphatic Detox is a type of deep-tissue therapy which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph and carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. The lymphatic detox therapy is a 1-hour process which focuses on cleaning out all the toxins from your lymphatic system and giving you a relaxed and refreshed feeling. With our lymphatic detox, you can reduce inflammation in the body, reduce joint pain, help tone your body, improve metabolic rate, get clean and clear healthy skin and much more benefits.

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SoulFuel Transformational Coaching

SoulFuel Transformational Coaching program introduces a brand-new sports enhancement program dedicated for those individuals that want to create an impact and train their body to go the extra mile in a competitive sport. The Game Plan is designed to create winners from athletes. SoulFuel has formulated the Game Plan which focuses on Kids, Adults and only-nutrition based too. The programs are designed to upgrade, enhance and improve all key performance areas for athletes to achieve optimum results.

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SoulFuel Nutritional Supplements

SoulFuel is a zero-sugar nutritional supplement range designed from Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala’s ideology of ‘Say No To Sugar.’ The nutritional supplement range includes protein and fibre supplements formulated with the medical background of Dr. Lakdawala and his team. The protein supplement is available in two variants while the fibre supplement is a single variant. The protein supplement has no sugar/artificial sweetener and steroid and soy-free. The protein supplement is available in 5 different flavours. The fibre supplement is a 100% water soluble product and grit-free.

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