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Clinical Team at Digestive Health Institute

Nutrition Team at
Digestive Health Institute

Neha Dhulla

 Neha Dhulla - Clinical Practices & Nutrition With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Food Nutrition and Hospital Food care services, her expertise lies in nutritional counselling of patients pre and post-surgery for their behavioural & lifestyle modification. Neha is a trained yoga teacher and her other interests include reading, travelling and learning different languages.

Carlyne Remdios

Carlyne Remedio - Nutrition and Patient Care at Digestive Health Institute Carlyne Remdios is a Nutrition and Patient Care at Digestive Health Institute. With a Master’s degree in Dietetics from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia; she is a member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, the Indian Dietetic Association & International Sports Sciences Association. Her expertise lies in Pre-operative and post-operative dietary intervention and counselling overseeing academic research and product development. Carlyne likes to spread the word fort the importance of nutrition and hence apart from counselling, she conducts Bariatric Nutrition Training workshops for students and nutritionists, organizes annual Bariatric Nutrition Master Class & undertakes an internship for undergraduate and postgraduate student.


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