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SoulFuel Fibre Supplement

By Dr. Muffi

100% Fibre


Quantity per serve
10g scoop
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Price: Rs 600

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100% Healthy
enriched with

  • 100% water soluble
  • clear fibre
  • non-thickening
  • pure vegetarian
  • rich in dietary fibre
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healthstart supplements pvt. Ltd. Encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet. you can use soulfuel protein supplements to make some healthy & delicious snacks:

Make your meals healthier

Blend 1 tsp of SOULFUEL Fibre Supplements in your soups, dals and flours. Can also sprinkle on sauces and gravies.

directions for use:
1-2 scoops (35-70 g) of SoulFuel Protein Supplement can be dissolved in a glass of water (225ml) or skim milk. please consult your doctor/nutritionist to understand the frequency and intervals best suited for you.

Disclaimer #1:
If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition such as diabetes. hypoglycemia. renal or liver disorder; please consult your doctor or nutritionist before you start using this supplement. In general, we recommend checking with your doctor / nutritionist before starting any new supplements.

Suitability on age. weight. allergy and dietary recommendations - dosage as suggested by the nutritionist. In case of any intolerance kindly discontinue the product

Not intended to diagnose. treat. cure or prevent any diseases

Product is safe for human consumption

This supplements is a Nutritional Dietary Supplement, not for medical use

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drugs Administration

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  • Contains 100% fibre
  • Added with prebiotics
  • Our product is grit-free, pure vegetarian and rich in dietary fibre
  • Can add it to your food, e.g. soups, dals and flours.

The evidence suggests that soluble fibers help to regulate the digestive system, may increase micronutrient absorption, stabilize blood glucose and lower serum lipids, may prevent several gastrointestinal disorders, and have an accepted role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

It is concluded that supplementation with soluble fibers (e.g. wheat dextrin) may be useful in individuals at risk of a lower than recommended dietary fiber intake.

Natural, non – digestible food known to improve the gut flora by promoting growth of helpful bacteria in the gut

You will also find pre – biotics in natural foods like onion, garlic, whole – wheat foods, bananas etc.