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By Dr. Muffi

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This is why you need to fix a one-on-one date with your doc ..

The most common mistake that patients make is that the minute they start feeling better, they lose touch with their doctor. They stop the medication, and do not ask if there should be a follow-up prescription. They go back to old diet and fitness regimes, without paying attention to any changes that the doctor may have suggested. And they pretend like nothing had ever happened to them. This is a bad idea.

No one is suggesting that you see your doctor every week even after you feel bette ... Read more

Everything you wanted to know about bariatric surgery ..

Even as a surgeon, I believe that weight-loss surgery should be the last resort. It is first important to make lifestyle changes, and give the body a chance to stabilize with the right diet and wellness practices. Bariatric surgery can be life-saving, and is not to be confused with liposuction or tummy tucks, which are cosmetic, body-sculpting procedures. The three get mixed up in conversations, and I would like to make it clear that they are not interchangeable terms.

Weight-loss or ba ... Read more

Don’t Be Afraid of Mangoes

As much as everyone loves mangoes, the fruits also have a dubious reputation, thanks to many myths and misunderstandings.

First, we'd like to issue a disclaimer: All food - even fruits - should be eaten in moderation. Just as it is a bad idea to eat three slices of cake in one go, eating three mangoes is also harmful.

That said, as a fruit, the mango is full of nutritional value even for people with diabetes, or any kind of sugar imbalance when eaten in moderation.

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Why Coffee with Muffi changes lives ..

We know how lonely it can be to deal with obesity.

Not everyone understands how you feel, even post-surgery. The challenges that an obese person faces are unique and it is not possible for even their family to always support them.

Which is why, at Digestive Health Institute, it has always been important for us to be there for our patients, before surgery and for years afterwards. That said, we realised very early on that our patients can support and encourage one another more than ... Read more

Why Exercise Post-surgery is Essential for Recovery! ..

Moving your body is important for everyone at any age. Doing some form of exercise regularly makes your heart and bones stronger. It keeps your blood sugar levels steady. Your immunity is better, so you can avoid catching every cold or flu that makes the rounds. You will not find yourself puffing and panting as you go about your day. And these are just the physical benefits. Regular physical activity is also important for brain health and emotional stability. 

Post surge ... Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Daily Diet Is Your Best Health Insuranc ..

It is important to approach food from the aspect of improving wellness, and not for weight loss. These days, most people see food as the enemy or the problem, which is sad and it is never true. The problem lies in not understanding how to eat. Food is fuel - we need it to survive. Loading up on sugary, processed, fried foods is what is causing the levels of obesity we see in India and all over the world.

Without eating right, you cannot achieve your optimum body weight, no matter how mu ... Read more