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Why Coffee with Muffi changes lives

Team Digestive Health Institute    19/5/2018   |   Saturday

We know how lonely it can be to deal with obesity.

Not everyone understands how you feel, even post-surgery. The challenges that an obese person faces are unique and it is not possible for even their family to always support them.

Which is why, at Digestive Health Institute , it has always been important for us to be there for our patients, before surgery and for years afterwards. That said, we realised very early on that our patients can support and encourage one another more than we can, sometimes. 

Judith Johnson and William McCown write in a book on therapy - “Although support and self-help groups can vary greatly, all groups share one thing in common—they are places where people can share personal stories, express emotions, and be heard in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and encouragement. Participants share information and resources. By helping others, people in a support group strengthen and empower themselves.”

That's why we started Coffee with Muffi - to bring Dr Muffi, his excellent team and all our patients together to talk, exchange notes, answer questions, all while indulging in some excellent coffee and healthy, delicious snacks.

What makes Coffee with Muffi a unique initiative is that we focus on providing a safe space for those who might not be able to decide on choosing surgery, as well. We encourage them to come talk to our patients who have chosen a second lease of life; our surgeons who are the best in the industry; and our nutritional team, who are extremely qualified. Everyone is very helpful and compassionate about addressing queries and sharing stories.

As for our wonderful patients, they find Coffee with Muffi to be a chance to reconnect with our team, to report their progress, clarify their doubts and celebrate their new lives. Every story matters to us. Every victory, no matter how small, is a reason to cheer.

We have moved into our new, state-of-the-art centre in Kamala Mills in Mumbai, where we offer a host of surgical, diagnostic and maintenance services. And we are working towards making Coffee with Muffi better than before, as well.

We will be in touch and share our plans soon, but in the meantime, head over to our Facebook page and share your favourite experience at Coffee with Muffi. Which city did you meet us in? Was there any advice you received that helped you? Did you make new friends and meet some interesting people?

If you have not signed up for our newsletter, which will have all details of our Coffee with Muffi schedule, please email us at And the next time you attend a meeting, bring a friend or family member who might be shy or afraid to talk about surgery, should they need it.


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