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Why Exercise Post-surgery is Essential for Recovery!

Team Digestive Health Institute    8/5/2018   |   Tuesday

Moving your body is important for everyone at any age. Doing some form of exercise regularly makes your heart and bones stronger. It keeps your blood sugar levels steady. Your immunity is better, so you can avoid catching every cold or flu that makes the rounds. You will not find yourself puffing and panting as you go about your day. And these are just the physical benefits. Regular physical activity is also important for brain health and emotional stability. 

Post surgery, physical activity is particularly essential. At Digestive Health Institute , this is one of our pillars of treatment. Which is why we partner with experts to offer each one of our patients access to trainers and workout routines that are absolutely customised to them, and rooted in the latest technology and know-how.

We have noticed six top benefits from watching our patients work with us on bringing physical activity into their routines after surgery.

Recovery is quicker and better

Physical activity will make your circulation better. The risk of blood clots is reduced. Staying active actually helps your wounds heal better. Plus, it improves bowel function.

Strength training is very important

Post surgery, one of the things we want our patients to focus on is building muscle. We recommend strength training when we feel that the patient is ready for it. It helps make bones stronger and build and tone muscle. Over time, strength training can also help the body burn calories faster. It is important to note here that strength training, post surgery, should only be done if your doctor recommends it and you work with a trainer who understands post-operative care. 

Joints become stronger and more stable

In our obese patients, mobility is a concern and while surgery helps with weight loss, they have to work at mobility. Which is why strong, stable joints are essential. The right workout can help you achieve that. 

Patients who work out see emotional benefits

Undergoing a surgery is a difficult time for several patients. Especially in the case of bariatric surgery, there are a lot of emotional changes. Obese people are often misunderstood by society and those scars remain. Working out produces endorphins in the body, which help lift the mood and fight against feeling low. Exercise is also credited with improving blood flow to the brain, making you feel better and more cheerful. 

It becomes easier to get back to a routine

After surgery, you will have to deal with many changes. A new diet routine. Getting accustomed to the physical changes in your body. There might be some emotional reactions, as mentioned above. What can anchor you through all of this is a regular, supervised workout routine. Firstly, as you get stronger and feel better physically, you will gain more confidence. Your recovery is quicker and better, so you can resume your daily life, bit by bit.

There are several other benefits

Exercise boosts metabolism

It improves skin elasticity

Working out improves overall health

It helps maintain optimal blood pressure levels

It helps keep the weight off

When you work out, you feel less stressed

Our full-fledged fitness centre includes a physiotherapy suite, hydrotherapy and group classes for pilates and yoga. All of these are beneficial for weight loss, weight management and maintenance post any critical surgery.

We also offer the option for alternative healing. Our approach as always is very holistic – every person who walks in will be offered nutritional counselling before we recommend a workout. Everything is medically supervised because we offer 360-degree care that ensures you are looked after in mind, body and spirit, and you can be your best self. 


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