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By Dr. Muffi

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Drink UP! How to stay well hydrated after Bariatric Surger ..

Not only water is important to keep our bodies functioning but also as shown in a recent study published in the American college of surgeon’s quality and safety conference 2017, better weight loss outcomes after bariatric surgeries was correlated with proper hydration.

We are made of water! 60-70% of our body is water, water is an essential component to all body tissues, and a medium where all reactions take place, essential for digestion, absorption, perspiration …etc. witho ... Read more

Diet... But NO Diet

As a dietitian and a health advocate I believe that the word “ DIET “ should not be a phase or short time situation to be implemented for period of time in order to lose weight then go back to unhealthy eating habits .

A Diet should be a lifelong habit or a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle should include both eating healthy & being physically active.

... Read more

It’s time to talk about The Big O ..

There’s an obesity epidemic going around the world, in developing and developed countries alike. There are more overweight and obese people than underweight in the world today.

The bad news is that India is one of the top 10 obese nations in the world. Morbid obesity is now widespread even in young children and adolescents. Various studies over the past few years have established that nearly 73% of urban Indians are overweight.

There’s no other way to put it – we are becoming fatt ... Read more

Diabesity 101: the worrisome combination of obesity and dia ..

This is a term I have coined to specifically address obesity and diabetes when they occur together.

I have spoken on this blog earlier about obesity, and the risks it poses. This week, I would like to talk to you about diabesity.

As a bariatric surgeon, I am approached by both obese and morbidly obese patients who are ridden with a host of related diseases. The most common one is diabetes.

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Did you know these not-so-sweet truths about sugar? ..

I am not a fan of fad theories. Neither do I believe in being alarmist. However, a raging current debate that I would like to participate in is the one about sugar.

A recent study published in the noted journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, states that higher sugar intake increased the risk of death from heart disease. (The study was conducted by Quanhe Yang and colleagues from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.)

The study notes that the percentage of daily calories from ad ... Read more

What’s cooking? Quick tips on using your cooking oil ..

Last week, we spoke about non-dairy milks, and how to introduce them into your diet. This week, I’d like to take this dialogue forward, and talk to you about choosing cooking oils.

Again, there is always a trendy oil, just as there is always a trendy fruit, or vegetable, or superfood. While it is interesting sometimes, to try out what’s in the news, when it comes to nutrition and wellness, we always recommend that you have a routine that is healthy for you and your family no ... Read more