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Corporate Social Responsibility
– Hospital and Charities

Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Sumerpur, Rajasthan

My association with the Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital started about 13 years back. This hospital was started by Rajmaljee Jain and is a 150 bedded facility that caters to the medical needs of the poor and needy of the Pali district of Rajasthan. This hospital is run by a trust which is currently presided over by Dr M.L.Singhi who is a surgeon by profession but someone who has dedicated his life to the welfare of this facility and the patients they treat, the trust also runs a school, a nursing college and an eye hospital among many other charity initiatives.

In this camp we operate on patients for ailments of the Gall bladder, Appendix, Uterus, hernias besides some complex Cancer surgeries. The camp is run completely free of charge and patients who benefit have to pay nothing for either surgery or drugs or investigations. These patients come from a social strata of society where they cannot afford to even pay 50 Rupees for their bus fare to come to the hospital. With Gods grace are numbers have only increased every subsequent year and we operate about 75/100 cases in 2 days. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction that we are able to give these poor patients the best services which they would not be able to afford otherwise. Due to the wonders of laparoscopy they get almost no pain, a very early recovery and can go back to work earlier to enable them to earn their livelihood.

I try my best to ensure that we have a zero % complication rate. Because as ridiculous as it may sound it's my belief that a rich man may get away with an odd complication but a poor man may die as a result of it.

My family forms an integral part of this camp. My wife Priyanka has been an active member of this camp now for years, one would wonder how would a hedge fund manager figure in a medical camp. Well she not only motivates me and pushes me to deliver more every year but also looks after the organizational aspects and makes sure that everything runs according to plan and schedule. We have donated quite a few advanced lap and anesthesia equipment there.

Noon Hospital, Bhavanimandi, Rajasthan

2016 onwards we started yet another charity initiative at Noon hospital in Bhavanimandi, Rajasthan in the memory of Lord Noon. This camp was organized in association with the Being Human Foundation. It was for the first time that a laparoscopy surgery camp focused on surgical problems in women was organized at this hospital. 35 patients were successfully operated under my leadership.

Beas Hospital, Punjab

We organized this camp at the behest of Mr. Gurvinder Singh, the head of Radha Saomi Satsang and operated on the underpriviliged from the area.

BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai

As part of a new initiative by the Maharashtra government, I have joined hands with a local hospital to offer bariatric surgery at economically low prices for those who are unable to afford bariatric surgery. At the same hospital, I also get a chance to train young surgeons to become the next best bariatric surgeons of India.