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Eman Ahmed

Eman on path to recovery!

After  Eman successfully underwent a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on March 7th 2017 at Saifee Hospital. We are happy to inform you that her post op recovery is going fairly well.

Here is her 10 day post op update:  

Her Current Diet and wieght:
Eman has been currently put under a 2* hourly liquid feeding regime - starting 6* am to 12p*m. Her diet is administered via a feeding tube. She is currently getting a low sodium protein powder mixed with soya milk.  To maintain her calorie intake she is also getting a total of 45 ml of MCT oil that gets mixed in the feed. Her total daily caloric intake is approximately 1800* cal and total daily protein intake is approximately 200* gms.

Eman’s current weight  is 358* kgs.

Post op recovery / struggles:
Given the fact that she had a severe core pulmonale or right sided failure even prior to the surgery . Her treatment with diuretics and protein therapy continue but her levels of uric acid remain a challenge.

Next Steps :
We don’t for see any major surgical intervention in the near future. She has done extremely well post surgery but continues to remain on tube feeds because of a difficulty in swallowing fluids because of previously suffered stroke. Physiotherapy and stabilisation of other medical and hormonal factors continue with the entire medical team trying to get her fit to fly safely back to Egypt as soon as they deem fit.

Eman’s Genetic report :
Eman’s Genetic reports are still awaited from America.

* Parameters vary from person to person

May 15, 2017

Eman’s much awaited CT Scan!

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Eman post her 250* Kg weight loss!

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Eman on path to recovery!

Uploaded May 15, 2017 | Read More