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Eman Ahmed

Eman Ahmed gets a new Lease of life in Mumbai

Eman Ahmed, who reportedly weighs close to 500* kg and is the world’s heaviest woman arrived in Mumbai on Saturday. Over the last five months, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, one of India’s leading bariatric surgeons and the management of Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital have worked tirelessly to enable Eman’s journey to recovery. Dr. Lakdawala had taken on this challenging case pro-bono late last year, in response to an appeal for help from Eman’s sister.

At Saifee Hospital, a room has been specially created for Eman by the hospital. For the past 48 hours, Eman has been under the observation of a team of doctors led by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala. The doctors have been conducting extensive tests as step one in the process of Eman’s treatment.

At a press conference held at Saifee Hospital today, addressed by Dr. Shezaada Qaid Johar - Chairman Saifee Hospital, Dr. Moiz Bhaisaheb - Executive trustee, Saifee Hospital trust; Mr. Ahmad Khalil - Counsel General Egypt in Mumbai, Dr. Vernon P. De Sa - Director - Medical Affairs, Clinical Compliance & Governance; Mr Huzaifa Shehabi - COO, Saifee Hospital; Dr Muffazal Lakdawala - Chairman, Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences & Research Centre and Shaima Selim, Eman’s sister, the details of Eman’s stay and the next steps of her treatment were detailed. 

Given Eman’s unique requirements, special arrangements have been made for her at Saifee hospital who will be treating her gratis. The hospital known for its proven prominence in the field of bariatric surgery and for operating on some of the most prominent cases from India and Asia, has made meticulous preparations to provide all necessary facilities for treating Eman, including creating a special room for her inside the hospital precincts. All the arrangements have been made after obtaining permissions from the relevant government authorities including the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Eman’s Room at Saifee hospital is 1000 sq. ft. and contains a patient room, an attendants room, a scrub room, and a toilet. It has been furnished with a Citadel Plus Bariatric Care system, a chain pulley, a lifting swing, Drager Fabius GS, an anaesthesia machine, central monitoring system, an infusion pump, a Philips Intellivue MP40, an Injectomat Syringe Pump, a Philips C arm BV Pulsera, a Patent Warmer, Suction Machine, Philips page writer TC20, A Lourano Chair and other necessary equipment. 

Due to the fact that she is a high-risk patient with myriad medical conditions, a team of super specialists headed by Dr. Lakdawala will be treating Eman during her stay. The treatment will be on a pro bono basis.

The team of doctors lead by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, also discussed Eman’s current prognosis and the next steps in her case. The doctors have also conducted a special gene study on the patient, for the 91 different types of genes isolated with obesity related syndrome. This was carried out gratis by CORE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. 

“Weight is just one of Eman’s problems. She has been confined to her bed for more than 2 decades, unable to move due to her weight. She also suffers from several medical complications due to her weight and continued immobility over the years making her case very complex and high risk. Bringing a semblance of normalcy to Eman’s life may take a few years. The entire panel of doctors treating Eman is committed to giving her the best care and helping her to get back on her feet and recover from her current ailments.” Said Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital

“My priority is to save Eman and give her quality of life. If I can ensure with whatever means - by Bariatric surgery or otherwise to enable her to sit up and do things on her own in this first stage; for me that shall be victory.” Added the good doctor.

“When Dr. Lakdawala, turned towards Saifee Hospital to help him in this humanitarian cause, we at Saifee, were only too happy to help. The immense trust, confidence and hope that Eman and her family have reposed in the hospital is a matter of pride not only for the hospital but for the entire medical fraternity in India said Mr Huzaifa Shehabi from Saifee Hospital.

We also greatly appreciate the cooperation of all those involved in Bringing Eman to India and are grateful to the Governments of both the countries Egypt and India , including India’s Honourable External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj; India’s ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharya , Ministry of Civil Aviation, India and Egypt respectively ; Honorable Consul General of Egypt in Mumbai Mr. Ahmad Khalil ; the Governor of Alexandria Mr. Hani El Messiry ; the Government of Maharashtra and Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis ; Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai; the Police Departments in Alexandria and Mumbai, the Airport authorities in Alexandria and Mumbai; Companies like NOSCO and Horus in Egypt , and particularly the national airline of Egypt, Egypt Air especially Mr. Mohy for their wholehearted support and assistance in transporting the patient from Alexandria to Mumbai; Mr. Alex of Air Cargo Services , MUrgency and all other philanthropic individuals and institutions internationally who have joined hands for this noble cause.”

He added “Messages conveying greetings and good wishes are pouring in from Egypt, in appreciation of the helping hand that India has lent an Egyptian national. This noble endeavour will surely strengthen our existing ties with Egypt. We are hopeful that with the blessings of Almighty, Eman will be successfully treated and will be able to return home safely.”

Eman’s sister, Shaimaa Ahmed, who has been her strongest supporter has also accompanied her to India. Moved by the efforts made for her sister, she expressed her deep gratitude to Dr. Lakdawala, his team, Saifee Hospital and all the others who have helped Eman in her journey so far, she said “On behalf of my sister Eman, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Muffazal and Saifee Hospital for their help and effort in Eman’s journey so far. Now that we are finally here, we can start her treatment. Please pray for Eman to recover.”

While Dr. Lakdawala and Saifee Hosptial have taken on this case pro bono, Eman’s family has been unable to afford the cost for her transportation, medication and accommodation, while in India. A fundraiser on BitGiving has been set up in order to help Eman lead the life she deserves. The money will be put in a separate account created specifically for Eman’s treatment, while she’s in India. (You can take a look at crowdfunding campaign -

For further information on the case please contact the #SaveEman communications team

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