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Eman Ahmed

Donate now to help Save Eman!

  • Eman Ahmed from Egypt is perhaps the heaviest woman in the world. At age 36, she weighs an estimated 500* kg and is in urgent need of medical aid.

    It is an expensive undertaking to bring her from Alexandria to Mumbai, & she will have to stay in the city for many months, in order for the medical team to treat her in stages.

    This is where we need your help – would you consider donating to Save Eman? Every bit counts and we need every bit to get us closer to our goal.

    All details – from how much we aim to raise and what the funds will be used for – are available on this page:

    Please do visit the page & consider making a contribution. If you can share it with your community, we would really appreciate it.

    To know more about Eman click here:

May 15, 2017

Eman’s much awaited CT Scan!

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Eman post her 250* Kg weight loss!

Uploaded May 15, 2017 | Read More

Eman on path to recovery!

Uploaded May 15, 2017 | Read More