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Eman Ahmed

A proud moment in Indian Medical History!

Dr. Aparna Bhasker, section chief of bariatric surgery, Saifee hospital Mumbai

She came on a chartered cargo plane and goes back as a passenger on a flight in Business Class.

Egyptian patient Ms. Eman Ahmed who weighed 500*kg as on 23/9/16 weighs 176.6* kg today.


The team of doctors at Saifee Hospital has done a fabulous job and her recovery has been unprecedented. She is stable and all parameters are under control. She will continue to need neurological rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 

As the treatment here concludes she is being shifted to Burjeel hospital in UAE (A hospital initially introduced to the family by Dr. Lakdawala). Secondary physiotherapy will continue over there as it is closer to home for Eman and her family.

EMAN is an inspiration to millions of critical and obese patients world over that someone as serious as her can get better with expert medical care and advances in medical science.

We wish her all the best.


May 15, 2017

Eman’s much awaited CT Scan!

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Eman post her 250* Kg weight loss!

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Eman on path to recovery!

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